Meeting schedule of the Accelerator for Young Entrepreneurs of the AV Sector project List of subjects and lecturers


28th June 2017

The Specificity of Intellectual Value


  • Tax and Financial Aspects

  • Recoupment Plan in Film Production

    Krzysztof Czyżewski (Czyżewscy Kancelaria Adwokacka), Alicja Grawon-Jaksik (the KIPA)


29th June 2017

Networking Meeting no. 1


  • The Specific Work of the Producer, Masterclass (Piotr Dzięcioł – OPUS FILM, management board of the KIPA)
  • Legal Aspects of the Chosen Forms of Economic Activity (Marta Rzączyńska – RBS Rzączyńska Bukryj-Stoś Law Firm)
  • Entry Analysis (ConQuest Consulting)


6th July 2017

How to Talk to Investors


  • The Sources of Funding
  • Investment Types
  • How to Win Over the Investor
  • Creating the Offer
  • Pitching
  • The Art of Negotiation
  • The Division of Profits
  • Legal Aspects

Mateusz Poreda (Boston Consulting), Krzysztof Czyżewski (Czyżewscy kancelaria adwokacka)


7th July 2017

Networking Meeting no. 2


  • How To Be a Young Producer (Agnieszka Dziedzic – KOI Studio, Wojciech Leszczyński – WJTeam, the KIPA board members)
  • How to Legally Use Third Party Works, Likenesses, Trademarks, and Locations in Film (Marta Rzączyńska – RBS Rzączyńska Bukryj-Stoś Law Firm)
  • Entry Analysis (ConQuest Consulting)

17th August 2017

Film Production Process


  • Literary Development (Agnieszka Kruk –
  • Production Development (Dorota Hawliczek)
  • Film and Series Production (Dorota Hawliczek)
  • Postproduction (Irena Gruca-Rozbicka, Filip Kovčin – FilmPro)

18th August 2017

Networking Meeting no. 3


  • The Art of Self-Presentation (Maciej Orłoś)
  • The Types and Specificity of a Producer’s Work, Masterclass (Maciej Strzembosz, the President of the KIPA)
  • Transfer of Copyrights Agreements and License Agreements in Film (Marta Rzączyńska – RBS Rzączyńska Bukryj-Stoś Law Firm)

14th September 2017

Business Value


  • Estimating a Projects’ Value (Kamil Przełęcki)
  • Building Business Value for Potential Investors (Krzysztof Mikulski)
  • Accounting in Audio-visual Sector (Renata Trześniewska)
  • Freeze Moment (ConQuest Consulting)

15th September 2017

Networking Meeting no. 4



  • Eurimages (Irena Strzałkowska, Eurimages, the KIPA’s board member)
  • Creative Europe Desk Polska (Małgorzata Kiełkiewicz)
  • Agreements with Film Co-creators and Crew Members (Marta Rzączyńska – RBS Rzączyńska Bukryj-Stoś Law Firm)
  • Negotiations Techniques (Mariola Kontykiewicz-Biel)

25th October 2017

B2B – Business Aspects of Producer’s Activity Workshop

  • Taxation Aspects of Producer’s Activity – VAT, income tax and withholding tax (Dawid Marek, Taxreo).
  • Business Environment of the Film Industry (Kamil Przełęcki)
  • SWOT for Film Projects (Kamil Przełęcki)

26th October 2017

Networking Meeting no. 5


  • Regional Film Funds (Anna Spisz – Mazovian Film Fund, Monika Głowacka – Łódź Film Commission)
  • Distribution Agreement (Krzysztof Czyżewski, Kancelaria Adwokacka Czyżewscy)
  • Exit Analysis – interviews (ConQuest Consulting)

16th November 2017

Networking Meeting no. 6

  • Documentary Film Section (Małgorzata Walczak – the KIPA’s board member, Małgorzata Staroń – the head of Section)
  • Tax Workshop (Aneta Drosik – Sadkowski i Wspólnicy)
  • Video Material Archiving (Joanna Lipińska, TOR Film Studio)

17th November 2017

Pitching Workshop

  • Pitching Workshop (Katrin Nandelstädt)


14th December 2017

Accelerator’s Open Session – Promotion and Marketing in Creative Industries

  • Good and Bad Practices in Promoting Films during National and International Festivals, Depending on the Target Audience (Gudrun Burie)

  • Creating Promo Clips and Theatrical Trailers (Fraser Bensted)


15th December 2017

Networking Meeting no. 7


  • International Cooperation (Anna Dziedzic, Film Commission Poland)
  • Recoupment Plan (Alicja Grawon-Jaksik, the KIPA)
  • Legal Consulting (Marta Rzączyńska – RBS Rzączyńska Bukryj-Stoś Law Firm)
  • QuestConsulting – Recap